Our CCTV installs reflect your needs and our enviroment

Whether its for security or animal monitoring we've got it covered

We install cameras that work in our environment and give great images whether it be daytime or during the night.

CCTV camera images

CCTV Systems

We install two different camera systems HikVision and UniFi Protect, we will advise on the options. The cameras used are all IP rated and waterproof.

We do not fit cloud based solutions but fit solutions which store the images on your premises. However these are still accessible wherever you are on a mobile app.

Generally we fit wired camera's, not WiFi, but in special indoor situations we may consider a UniFi WiFi solution.

If your requirements are for security, within the team, we have a long history of CCTV installs. We will work out best positions, lens type and quality of image.

In the agricultural requirements we understand the needs of calving and lambing and have a preferred camera which can be used on your phone or TV at night.

There are challenges with rain and insects (who can see the infra-red) reflecting light from the camera - we can fit independent lights to compensate.

PTZ camera in barn

The video below shows a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera working in a Swaledale barn both during the day and at night. In the night images there is only the cameras infra-red lights on - its pitch black. The infra-red wavelength used is not visible to humans and herbivores.