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Enjoy the advantages of VOIP telephony

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VOIP Telephony

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Put simply, it refers to making phone calls that are made through the internet, rather than through a regular landline or a mobile network. Sometimes you hear the acronym SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, which is a communications protocol that is widely used for managing multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls.  SIP, therefore, is one of the specific protocols that enable VoIP.

A VoIP system works by taking your analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data over your broadband line.

It's a very useful way of making calls - for a start, once it's set up it's a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines. Greenses Network monthly fee, for a single line, is only 40% the cost of BT and our call charges a staggering 8% for landlines and 19% for mobile of BT charges. Even our unlimited call bundle is 38% the cost of BT.

Your VoIP system could be:

  • With a VOIP phone – These phones plug into your router which we will wire up to the best place in your house.
  • With a computer – We recommend ZoiPer 5 which is free for non-commercial use.
  • With a smartphone - You can use your smartphone to make and receive voice calls using our App wherever you are – as long as you have a data connection.

Enjoy these great benefits

Unlimited telephone numbers

with any area codes you like but we do provide 01748 89xxxx as local numbers to Swaledale.

Transfer calls between extensions ...

and to external numbers. If you have more than one site you can make and transfer calls between them free of charge.

Never be engaged

Your telephone numbers will never be engaged even if all your phones are being used at the same time.

No limit to simultaneous calls

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls you can make or receive.

Hunting sequences

For example, ring phone for 20 sec, then ring mobile for 10 sec then go to voicemail

Message players

For greetings when not available.

Auto-forwarding to mobiles

Calls to landline automatically transferred to mobile.


Music-on-hold or message-on-hold

Ask about other more commercial options which are also available.

Find the perfect plan for you.

There are many combinations of features that are available - here are three examples.


£ 8.40 / Month
  • Telephone Numbers One
  • User extensions One
  • Price per minute 1.2p | Mobile 3.6p
  • Voicemail
  • Number of free UK minutes None
  • Multiple calls & transfers

Simple Bundle

£ 14.40 / Month
  • Telephone Numbers One
  • User extensions One
  • Price per minute 1.2p | Mobile 3.6p
  • Voicemail
  • Number of free UK minutes 1,500
  • Multiple calls & transfers

Two Users PAYG

£ 16.80 / Month
  • Telephone Numbers Two
  • User extensions Two
  • Price per minute 1.2p | Mobile 3.6p
  • Voicemail
  • Number of free UK minutes None
  • Multiple calls & transfers


We recommend and support Yealink phones. Within our portal we can auto-configure these phones and support you from a distance.

Any phone that Yealink provide can be used but we recommend for mobile purposes the Yealink W60 and for a fixed desk phone the Yealink T42.

We supply and install these phones for the price listed. You can provide and configure these yourself but please note that prices on the internet usually do not include a power supply (PSU) these can be £10 for a W60 and £25  for a T42.

There maybe additional cost for cabling or mini switches to link these phones to your router depending on the best placement.


Yealink W60

£112.80 (or £5.41 monthly)

The Yealink W60P Wireless DECT IP Phone is a premium phone. Its main features are:

  • HD audio quality
  • Long life Li Battery
  • Rich feature set
  • Note: has no ethernet passthrough and may need mini switch to attach to your network
Yealink T42 sq

Yealink T42

£109.20 (or £5.23 monthly)

The Yealink T42 is fixed IP Phone. Its main features are:

  • HD audio quality
  • Programmable buttons
  • Gigabit Ethernet passthrough (useful if you want to attach an access point or other IP device)
  • Rich feature set