Our broadband is Ultrafast AirFibre

based on a gigabit fibre and beamed directly to your house

We currently cover Muker to Gunnerside (and above) with Greenses Network and Swale Life covers Thwaite to Ravenseat.


Swaledale Ultrafast Networks

There are two ultrafast networks managed by Greenses Networks - our own network around Gunnerside and the Swale Life CIC above Thwaite.

These networks have gigabit fibre connections that then connect to a bespoke Ubiquiti AirFibre backhaul system owned by Swale Life and Greenses Network.

Multiple base stations have been positioned to transmit the low latency high bandwidth signal around the Dale to individual houses and relay stations.

Individual houses can expect over 100Mb Up & Down with a 25ms latency at the router. Plus we do limit the monthly bandwidth.

All the networks are centrally managed and can be reviewed and often fixed without leaving Greenses Farm.

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Greenses Network

From Muker to Gunnerside and above.

Greenses Network

Swale Life

Upper Swaledale: from Thwaite to Ravenseat and West Stonesdale about to be added.

Swale Life Network