Our WiFi networks offer quality options for your house

it's no good getting great internet if it doesn't cover your house !

Other suppliers just dump a cheap router (with a built in WiFi access point) on you wherever they feel fit. We analyse your house and place the router in the best position and advise on extra access points - we are experts at stone houses.

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WiFi networks

In most of the UK the problems are the household network - of course rurally the copper network is rubbish and so our problems have been the broadband.

Not now with Greenses Network or Swale Life. Now you have to think about your WiFi network. An access point can punch a usable signal through a metre (3 foot) stone wall - but not two. Plus if you've put Kingspan or other silver foil wrapped insulation in your ceilings this will block the signal.

Your TV and FaceTime is going to use a big chunk of bandwidth as does CCTV. Do you want your mobile to work in the barn? Where is the TV?

We work out where you need the best network coverage. You can have three access points with the AirCube system but anymore and you need a switch. The bigger buildings makes us think UniFi and especially if you want CCTV or outdoor coverage.

We will talk you through the issues and the price. Note we sell the hardware to you at cost price so our only driving force is to get you a workable fast network.